All our taxidermy items are either long dead historical relics from another era, or are from accidental death or natural causes. All new mount specimens sold on this site have been sourced from reputable taxidermists.

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(Taxidermy | ID: 2649)
Unusual and very well made Antique Bowl made from the... (more)

2649_1_th.jpg 2649_2_th.jpg 2649_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2645)
This is a very old mounted Taxidermy Badger Head. Prepared... (more)

2645_1_th.jpg 2645_2_th.jpg 2645_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2642)
A perfect taxidermy white Mouse waiting to sniff at the... (more)

2642_1_th.jpg 2642_2_th.jpg 2642_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2641)
Very sweet looking Taxidermy Squirrel Head. Shield measures... (more)

2641_1_th.jpg 2641_2_th.jpg 2641_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2637)
Good looking Antique set of horns mounted on wood with... (more)

2637_1_th.jpg 2637_2_th.jpg 2637_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2628)
Found at Venn Wood, Killed at Paunton Dec 20th 1906. Very... (more)

2628_1_th.jpg 2628_2_th.jpg 2628_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2621)
A very handsome crow naturally mounted. He stands 45cms... (more)

2621_1_th.jpg 2621_2_th.jpg 2621_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2618)
Mounted Rams Head which was once a club mascot. He measures... (more)

2618_1_th.jpg 2618_2_th.jpg 2618_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2617)
Quirky set of four real insects set in Lucite. Perfect for... (more)

2617_1_th.jpg 2617_2_th.jpg 2617_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2599)
A great set of Vintage trophy Horns on deep hard wood... (more)

2599_1_th.jpg 2599_2_th.jpg 2599_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2594)
What a Beauty, a Juggling Mouse. A perfect gift for someone... (more)

2594_1_th.jpg 2594_2_th.jpg 2594_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2590)
This is a great piece of curio unless you suffer from... (more)

2590_1_th.jpg 2590_2_th.jpg 2590_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2557)
I couldn’t resist this little guy. Stunning Taxidermy... (more)

2557_1_th.jpg 2557_2_th.jpg 2557_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2553)
This is a very unusual dried Taxidermy Fish that I have... (more)

2553_1_th.jpg 2553_2_th.jpg 2553_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2523)
Beautifully mounted Taxidermy Jay Bird. Shield measures 29... (more)

2523_1_th.jpg 2523_2_th.jpg 2523_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2519)
An old 1940s Vintage Fox Tail mounted with a HULL 12... (more)

2519_1_th.jpg 2519_2_th.jpg 2519_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2517)
He is a real beauty. In a natural pose he stands 17cms... (more)

2517_1_th.jpg 2517_2_th.jpg 2517_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2513)
Taxidermy White Mouse on a natural wood mount. He stands... (more)

2513_1_th.jpg 2513_2_th.jpg 2513_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2493)
A great threesome of interesting photos taken at the famous... (more)

2493_1_th.jpg 2493_2_th.jpg 2493_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2492)
A delightful Trio of Taxidermy Toads. They measure from 9... (more)

2492_1_th.jpg 2492_2_th.jpg 2492_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2469)
Gentlemen’s Library Taxidermy, a George V deer hoof... (more)

2469_1_th.jpg 2469_2_th.jpg 2469_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2428)
Antique beautifully mounted Zebra Tail. Plaque measures 33... (more)

2428_1_th.jpg 2428_2_th.jpg 2428_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2423)
This is a stunning example of a Roe Deer Head in Full... (more)

2423_1_th.jpg 2423_2_th.jpg 2423_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2422)
An antique fishy Pair for your curiosity cabinet. They... (more)

2422_1_th.jpg 2422_2_th.jpg 2422_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2414)
This rather hairy Victorian Armadillo Basket could be used... (more)

2414_1_th.jpg 2414_2_th.jpg 2414_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2409)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2409_1_th.jpg 2409_2_th.jpg 2409_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2407)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2407_1_th.jpg 2407_2_th.jpg 2407_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2379)
This is a really sweet & tiny Anthropomorphic Squirrel.... (more)

2379_1_th.jpg 2379_2_th.jpg 2379_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2368)
This is a stunning young Taxidermy Beagle. He stands 37cms... (more)

2368_1_th.jpg 2368_2_th.jpg 2368_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2339)
A vintage study box by Philip Harris Biological Ltd of the... (more)

2339_1_th.jpg 2339_2_th.jpg 2339_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2330)
We are proud to offer from our private collection, NUTTY,... (more)

2330_1_th.jpg 2330_2_th.jpg 2330_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2319)
A delightful pair of Mounted Boar Hooves, ideal for your... (more)

2319_1_th.jpg 2319_2_th.jpg 2319_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2315)
Young Taxidermy Dog in a natural lying pose. Measures 52cms... (more)

2315_1_th.jpg 2315_2_th.jpg 2315_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2283)
Very well presented & ideal for stage and theatre props or... (more)

2283_1_th.jpg 2283_2_th.jpg 2283_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2269)
This is a superb study of a Death’s-Head Hawkmoth... (more)

2269_1_th.jpg 2269_2_th.jpg 2269_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2255)
Old Museum Skin Study of a Lesser Yellowlegs. Measures... (more)

2255_1_th.jpg 2255_2_th.jpg 2255_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2142)
Superb looking Taxidermy Racing Pigeon. Stands 25cms tall.... (more)

2142_1_th.jpg 2142_2_th.jpg 2142_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2008)
Fantastic Trophy displaying a Rare set of Deformed Bushbuck... (more)

2008_1_th.jpg 2008_2_th.jpg 2008_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1985)
Quirky & rare framed photo of an old Taxidermy... (more)

1985_1_th.jpg 1985_2_th.jpg 1985_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1971)
Beautiful contemporary interior design piece. Old & full of... (more)

1971_1_th.jpg 1971_2_th.jpg 1971_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1934)
A very old Victorian Armadillo Basket presented on a wood &... (more)

1934_1_th.jpg 1934_2_th.jpg 1934_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1888)
Antique 1938 mounted Taxidermy Fox Paw by P. Spicer & Sons.... (more)

1888_1_th.jpg 1888_2_th.jpg 1888_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1877)
Absolutely stunning Antique Late 19th Century Taxidermy... (more)

1877_1_th.jpg 1877_2_th.jpg 1877_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1856)
A rare example of a large taxidermy horse tail. The tail... (more)

1856_1_th.jpg 1856_2_th.jpg 1856_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1842)
A delightful holder for matches or toothpicks. Would look... (more)

1842_1_th.jpg 1842_2_th.jpg 1842_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1828)
Here we have a Bramber Museum Picture Postcard showing the... (more)

1828_1_th.jpg 1828_2_th.jpg 1828_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1754)
Old Fish Trophy Head. Shield measures 23 x 17cms & he... (more)

1754_1_th.jpg 1754_2_th.jpg 1754_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1703)
Superb & rare vintage Cockroach Study [Periplaneta... (more)

1703_1_th.jpg 1703_2_th.jpg 1703_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1594)
A fine pair of old original Post Cards of Taxidermy... (more)

1594_1_th.jpg 1594_2_th.jpg 1594_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1591)
From a Victorian Ashtray to Steam Punk Curiosity, this... (more)

1591_1_th.jpg 1591_2_th.jpg 1591_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1582)
Great looking taxidermy mounted Fish Head. Fierce looking &... (more)

1582_1_th.jpg 1582_2_th.jpg 1582_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1536)
This is a very old WW1 mounted Horse Hoof. An enormous... (more)

1536_1_th.jpg 1536_2_th.jpg 1536_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1522)
A very large ostrich Egg measuring 14cms long. (hand & bird... (more)

1522_1_th.jpg 1522_2_th.jpg 1522_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1356)
A gruesome looking small fish head. Wooden shield measures... (more)

1356_1_th.jpg 1356_2_th.jpg 1356_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1352)
Beautiful Otter Rudder measuring an enormous 46cms long.... (more)

1352_1_th.jpg 1352_2_th.jpg 1352_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1270)
This is a very rare & highly collectable Paper-knife... (more)

1270_1_th.jpg 1270_2_th.jpg 1270_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1248)
An ideal quirky feature for your kitchen or hallway, this... (more)

1248_1_th.jpg 1248_2_th.jpg 1248_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1204)
This is a very rare pair of stereoview cards depicting the... (more)

1204_1_th.jpg 1204_2_th.jpg 1204_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1161)
Very Old Antique Deer Hoof Trophy inscribed 'FORET DE... (more)

1161_1_th.jpg 1161_2_th.jpg 1161_3_th.jpg