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(Medical | ID: 2902)
Very rare Vintage Childs dentoform Dental Model. They come... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2893)
Large selection of various Vintage Surgical Forceps... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2887)
T.N. Harrison, Chemist from a bygone age. Brass plaque on... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2876)
A great pair of Vintage Pelvimeters. There is a very old... (more)

2876_1_th.jpg 2876_2_th.jpg 2876_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2867)
A good looking set of Vintage Anderson’s Simpson... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2866)
A Pair of Cusco Medical Speculums in 2 sizes. Put these in... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2862)
Rare Vintage Salesman Sample Briefcase filled with Post... (more)

2862_1_th.jpg 2862_2_th.jpg 2862_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2861)
Rarely seen small sized First Aid Chart produced by Adam... (more)

2861_1_th.jpg 2861_2_th.jpg 2861_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2859)
Fully adjustable Antique Optometrist Trial / Testing Frames... (more)

2859_1_th.jpg 2859_2_th.jpg 2859_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2857)
A rare set of early glass contact lenses in original case... (more)

2857_1_th.jpg 2857_2_th.jpg 2857_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2849)
Set of adult sized top Dentures plus 2 rare Child size... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2837)
Very Old set of used False Teeth in original Dental Box. ... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2826)
This is a genuine medical Post Mortem Glass Negative taken... (more)

2826_1_th.jpg 2826_2_th.jpg 2826_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2808)
Great looking Vintage ES=EX Cut Throat Razor. Stamped... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2805)
I love this head, it is delightfully strange. Vintage... (more)

2805_1_th.jpg 2805_2_th.jpg 2805_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2800)
Vintage Upper Anterior Teeth Mould Impression tray by... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2774)
A perfect gift for someone who has everything. A fine pair... (more)

2774_1_th.jpg 2774_2_th.jpg 2774_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2769)
Quirky Medical Magnifier by makers Allen & Hanbury. This... (more)

2769_1_th.jpg 2769_2_th.jpg 2769_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2764)
Great looking Antique Prosthetic False Leg. Full length Leg... (more)

2764_1_th.jpg 2764_2_th.jpg 2764_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2737)
A wonderful tiny Victorian Glass Eye which would have been... (more)

2737_1_th.jpg 2737_2_th.jpg 2737_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2736)
A superb vintage medical collectable and the last remaining... (more)

2736_1_th.jpg 2736_2_th.jpg 2736_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2730)
Vintage Clear Glass Eye Bath complete with a genuine... (more)

2730_1_th.jpg 2730_2_th.jpg 2730_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2723)
A 10 piece collection of various dental delights.... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2715)
Three beautiful old Apothecary Chemist Bottles measuring... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2704)
Get your hands around these. There is one old prosthetic... (more)

2704_1_th.jpg 2704_2_th.jpg 2704_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2701)
Large Antique Medical Anatomy Poster showing the Viscera of... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2695)
Set of four quirky brown Glass Chemist Bottles which range... (more)

2695_1_th.jpg 2695_2_th.jpg 2695_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2683)
A great medical display item. Large Ether Mask. Measures... (more)

2683_1_th.jpg 2683_2_th.jpg 2683_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2679)
A set of nine glass Magic Lantern Slides depicting Children... (more)

2679_1_th.jpg 2679_2_th.jpg 2679_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2678)
A great item for your cabinet of curios. This is an arm... (more)

2678_1_th.jpg 2678_2_th.jpg 2678_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2676)
Lovely old Optometrist Trial Lens Set in original wooden... (more)

2676_1_th.jpg 2676_2_th.jpg 2676_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2675)
A fantastic & gruesome collection of Antique & Vintage... (more)

2675_1_th.jpg 2675_2_th.jpg 2675_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2671)
Medical Cabinet curio item or perhaps a paperweight with a... (more)

2671_1_th.jpg 2671_2_th.jpg 2671_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2666)
This is a Handbook on Diseases of Children by Bruce... (more)

2666_1_th.jpg 2666_2_th.jpg 2666_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2655)
Not something you get to see every day. This is a vintage... (more)

2655_1_th.jpg 2655_2_th.jpg 2655_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2606)
Nice set of Apothecary Measures and other bits. Included... (more)

2606_1_th.jpg 2606_2_th.jpg 2606_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2588)
Compound refractometer slide set and case dating from... (more)

2588_1_th.jpg 2588_2_th.jpg 2588_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2587)
A superb Antique Medical Study Human Skull. It has... (more)

2587_1_th.jpg 2587_2_th.jpg 2587_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2549)
A rare and quirky set of Plastic Surgery medical items.... (more)

2549_1_th.jpg 2549_2_th.jpg 2549_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2536)
A fantastic & gruesome collection of Antique & Vintage... (more)

2536_1_th.jpg 2536_2_th.jpg 2536_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2511)
A fascinating box of 20 glass slides which appear to study... (more)

2511_1_th.jpg 2511_2_th.jpg 2511_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2510)
Eerie looking Wax Death Mask of a young girl. Measures 16 x... (more)

2510_1_th.jpg 2510_2_th.jpg 2510_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2507)
This is a fine Vintage 1920's Bakelite Bioform Teeth... (more)

2507_1_th.jpg 2507_2_th.jpg 2507_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2502)
Never miss a beat with this superb original vintage... (more)

2502_1_th.jpg 2502_2_th.jpg 2502_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2487)
Dating to around 1890-1900 these are a rare bundle of... (more)

2487_1_th.jpg 2487_2_th.jpg 2487_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2481)
Beautiful original Antique Apothecary Bottle. Glass stopper... (more)

2481_1_th.jpg 2481_2_th.jpg 2481_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2464)
Tiny & rare Vintage False Hand made for a small child.... (more)

2464_1_th.jpg 2464_2_th.jpg 2464_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2462)
This is a replacement rubber face for a resuscitation... (more)

2462_1_th.jpg 2462_2_th.jpg 2462_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2460)
A medical instrument used to examine the anus and lower... (more)

2460_1_th.jpg 2460_2_th.jpg 2460_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2455)
A fantastic set of vintage gynecology instruments in... (more)

2455_1_th.jpg 2455_2_th.jpg 2455_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2443)
This is a rare Mini Dilator set, one slightly dented handle... (more)

2443_1_th.jpg 2443_2_th.jpg 2443_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2438)
This is a rather bizarre vintage medical lot to help babies... (more)

2438_1_th.jpg 2438_2_th.jpg 2438_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2418)
This a rare & unusual medical collectable. It is a Cranial... (more)

2418_1_th.jpg 2418_2_th.jpg 2418_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2415)
A unique medical collectable, a vintage prosthetic false... (more)

2415_1_th.jpg 2415_2_th.jpg 2415_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2406)
A complete set of Medical Urethral Sounding Rods in... (more)

2406_1_th.jpg 2406_2_th.jpg 2406_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2404)
These are a beautiful set of porcelain false teeth set in... (more)

2404_1_th.jpg 2404_2_th.jpg 2404_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2402)
A Vintage Prosthetic Large Finger displayed with a retro... (more)

2402_1_th.jpg 2402_2_th.jpg 2402_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2399)
There is a childs prosthetic penis cast, what looks like a... (more)

2399_1_th.jpg 2399_2_th.jpg 2399_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2389)
A fine WW2 nesting style Medical Trocar by makers Down... (more)

2389_1_th.jpg 2389_2_th.jpg 2389_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2386)
A great vintage set of small & unusually shaped Birthing... (more)

2386_1_th.jpg 2386_2_th.jpg 2386_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2380)
Leather Cased Antique Amputation Kit by maker C Schmid.... (more)

2380_1_th.jpg 2380_2_th.jpg 2380_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2342)
The diaphragm method of contraception was the most popular... (more)

2342_1_th.jpg 2342_2_th.jpg 2342_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2337)
Very rare all leather WW1 era False Arm. Measures 39cms... (more)

2337_1_th.jpg 2337_2_th.jpg 2337_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2298)
This is a very rare and unique Vintage Prosthetic Hand made... (more)

2298_1_th.jpg 2298_2_th.jpg 2298_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2295)
A very macabre Antique wax Moulage of a half face. Measures... (more)

2295_1_th.jpg 2295_2_th.jpg 2295_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2268)
A very fine fully working pair of circa 1930s OPTICIANS... (more)

2268_1_th.jpg 2268_2_th.jpg 2268_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2260)
A delightful old medical set. Old vintage kidney dish plus... (more)

2260_1_th.jpg 2260_2_th.jpg 2260_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2239)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage General Anatomy No.... (more)

2239_1_th.jpg 2239_2_th.jpg 2239_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2231)
Coversyl Medical Tray with Lid plus an assortment of... (more)

2231_1_th.jpg 2231_2_th.jpg 2231_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2220)
This is a rare vintage set of Prosthetic False Eyes. They... (more)

2220_1_th.jpg 2220_2_th.jpg 2220_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2206)
This is a fine 1930s medical kit specializing in Ear Nose &... (more)

2206_1_th.jpg 2206_2_th.jpg 2206_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2205)
A superb pair of large Syringes. One is unmarked and one by... (more)

2205_1_th.jpg 2205_2_th.jpg 2205_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2200)
This is a Fine Scarificator in good working order. It is... (more)

2200_1_th.jpg 2200_2_th.jpg 2200_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2184)
A head served on a platter. A very striking Antique Wax... (more)

2184_1_th.jpg 2184_2_th.jpg 2184_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2152)
A Vintage Case full of all sorts of gruesome tools and... (more)

2152_1_th.jpg 2152_2_th.jpg 2152_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2136)
Partial Denture made for facial reconstruction where... (more)

2136_1_th.jpg 2136_2_th.jpg 2136_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2116)
Partial Denture made for facial reconstruction where... (more)

2116_1_th.jpg 2116_2_th.jpg 2116_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2095)
A rare & unique pair of wax coated ENT Surgery Cheek... (more)

2095_1_th.jpg 2095_2_th.jpg 2095_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2089)
A complete upper and lower Ivorine dentoform Baby Teeth... (more)

2089_1_th.jpg 2089_2_th.jpg 2089_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2082)
Great looking 1940s St John's Ambulance Study chart showing... (more)

2082_1_th.jpg 2082_2_th.jpg 2082_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2067)
This is a very rare Medical Foot Moulage Model made from... (more)

2067_1_th.jpg 2067_2_th.jpg 2067_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2052)
A rare & unique pair of wax coated Doyen’s 8 inch long... (more)

2052_1_th.jpg 2052_2_th.jpg 2052_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2039)
A very macabre medical collectable – this is a rare 6... (more)

2039_1_th.jpg 2039_2_th.jpg 2039_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1951)
Oversize Anatomy model of Human mandible. A very old... (more)

1951_1_th.jpg 1951_2_th.jpg 1951_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1935)
Great looking German Museum Display Bas Relief Medical... (more)

1935_1_th.jpg 1935_2_th.jpg 1935_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1923)
A Fantastic looking old study chart by W & A.K Johnston’s... (more)

1923_1_th.jpg 1923_2_th.jpg 1923_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1915)
Set of 8 quirky instruments displayed on an old ceramic... (more)

1915_1_th.jpg 1915_2_th.jpg 1915_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1905)
Great set of three Medical clipping tools. They range from... (more)

1905_1_th.jpg 1905_2_th.jpg 1905_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1897)
A Vintage Ladies Prosthetic False Finger. Very realistic &... (more)

1897_1_th.jpg 1897_2_th.jpg 1897_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1867)
This Study Model is made from Hard Plastic Resin and shows... (more)

1867_1_th.jpg 1867_2_th.jpg 1867_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1848)
This is a vintage pair of Dental Study Models showing the... (more)

1848_1_th.jpg 1848_2_th.jpg 1848_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1844)
Vintage Prosthetic Arm displayed on a solid wooden mount.... (more)

1844_1_th.jpg 1844_2_th.jpg 1844_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1833)
Two signs for the price of one. This is a double sided Old... (more)

1833_1_th.jpg 1833_2_th.jpg 1833_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1770)
Not for the faint hearted! This is a pair of vintage dental... (more)

1770_1_th.jpg 1770_2_th.jpg 1770_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1769)
Unique opportunity to own something remarkable. This is a... (more)

1769_1_th.jpg 1769_2_th.jpg 1769_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 1750)
This is a very early example of a medical study chart... (more)

1750_1_th.jpg 1750_2_th.jpg 1750_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1687)
This is a morbidly fascinating set of 100 vintage 35mm... (more)

1687_1_th.jpg 1687_2_th.jpg 1687_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 1626)
Presented under an old glass domed cover, this a small... (more)

1626_1_th.jpg 1626_2_th.jpg 1626_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1499)
This is a very quirky display piece. A prosthetic made for... (more)

1499_1_th.jpg 1499_2_th.jpg 1499_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1456)
Very old but great looking set of Plaster Teeth. Showing an... (more)

1456_1_th.jpg 1456_2_th.jpg 1456_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1422)
I love these…don’t ask me why, I just think they are... (more)

1422_1_th.jpg 1422_2_th.jpg 1422_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 1412)
A pair of old dental casts with unusual detail. Sign also... (more)

1412_1_th.jpg 1412_2_th.jpg 1412_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1347)
This is an old plaster Dental Impression which would have... (more)

1347_1_th.jpg 1347_2_th.jpg 1347_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1346)
With this pair of old reflex hammers. One is an old... (more)

1346_1_th.jpg 1346_2_th.jpg 1346_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1313)
Esbach's Alluminimeter or (Albuminometer) was used for... (more)

1313_1_th.jpg 1313_2_th.jpg 1313_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1258)
Original Old DR.ANNE R.SHAKIBAI Doctors Sign. Mounted on... (more)

1258_1_th.jpg 1258_2_th.jpg 1258_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1111)
A very interesting early Victorian medicine spoon used for... (more)

1111_1_th.jpg 1111_2_th.jpg 1111_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1102)
Vintage St Johns Ambulance canvas backed Chart showing... (more)

1102_1_th.jpg 1102_2_th.jpg 1102_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1094)
A very unusual Prosthetic Hand. This would have been made... (more)

1094_1_th.jpg 1094_2_th.jpg 1094_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1066)
A very Morbid but extremely fascinating Original Cadaver... (more)

1066_1_th.jpg 1066_2_th.jpg 1066_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 848)
A Great medical collectable, this is an Adult Prosthetic... (more)

848_1_th.jpg 848_2_th.jpg 848_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 814)
Rare German Medical Chart entitled "Tuberkulose" from the... (more)

814_1_th.jpg 814_2_th.jpg 814_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 609)
Superb looking Vintage Adam Rouilly Chart showing Foetal... (more)

609_1_th.jpg 609_2_th.jpg 609_3_th.jpg