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(Bones | ID: 2530)
Articulated Real Human Skeleton whose tag identifies him as... (more)

2530_1_th.jpg 2530_2_th.jpg 2530_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2518)
This is an outstanding bespoke model of a Trephine Clamp... (more)

2518_1_th.jpg 2518_2_th.jpg 2518_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2506)
Lovely old Osteology Skeletal Skull Print plates dating... (more)

2506_1_th.jpg 2506_2_th.jpg 2506_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2505)
Very old Boar Skull showing an abundance of age. Measures... (more)

2505_1_th.jpg 2505_2_th.jpg 2505_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2490)
Real Human Medical Skull. Female specimen with all her... (more)

2490_1_th.jpg 2490_2_th.jpg 2490_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2482)
Quirky collection of real Equestrian Mounted Horse Teeth.... (more)

2482_1_th.jpg 2482_2_th.jpg 2482_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2476)
Very old fox skull. Missing some teeth but has a good aged... (more)

2476_1_th.jpg 2476_2_th.jpg 2476_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2472)
A great looking Human Half Skeleton for medical study. It... (more)

2472_1_th.jpg 2472_2_th.jpg 2472_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2465)
This is an ancient Antique articulated Human Spine. The... (more)

2465_1_th.jpg 2465_2_th.jpg 2465_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2453)
Beautifully mounted Human Antique Scapula Bone. Real bone... (more)

2453_1_th.jpg 2453_2_th.jpg 2453_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2444)
These are a pair of very heavy Antique cast molds to make a... (more)

2444_1_th.jpg 2444_2_th.jpg 2444_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2435)
Bison Limb Bone [Bison Priscus] found at Brown Bank, North... (more)

2435_1_th.jpg 2435_2_th.jpg 2435_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2427)
Lovely old Osteology Skeletal Feet Print plate dating from... (more)

2427_1_th.jpg 2427_2_th.jpg 2427_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2373)
Beautifully mounted Antique Femur Bone. The unusual... (more)

2373_1_th.jpg 2373_2_th.jpg 2373_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2329)
This is one of my favourite items ever, a miniature 19th... (more)

2329_1_th.jpg 2329_2_th.jpg 2329_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2328)
Very unusual and macabre model made from a real human lower... (more)

2328_1_th.jpg 2328_2_th.jpg 2328_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2318)
These are a set of very macabre and unusual Roe Horns where... (more)

2318_1_th.jpg 2318_2_th.jpg 2318_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2317)
This is a very good quality Human Half Skeleton Model.... (more)

2317_1_th.jpg 2317_2_th.jpg 2317_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2265)
Beautifully presented real Human Pelvis Bone and partial... (more)

2265_1_th.jpg 2265_2_th.jpg 2265_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2257)
Lovely old Skeletal Spine Vertebral Column Print plates... (more)

2257_1_th.jpg 2257_2_th.jpg 2257_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2213)
Various odd bones. The big bones are cow bones. Perfect for... (more)

2213_1_th.jpg 2213_2_th.jpg 2213_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2201)
A good selection of small mammal bones. Two jars filled... (more)

2201_1_th.jpg 2201_2_th.jpg 2201_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2189)
This is a very high quality vintage Somso Dissected Skull... (more)

2189_1_th.jpg 2189_2_th.jpg 2189_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2176)
Very old rabbit skull. Measures 8cms long.... (more)

2176_1_th.jpg 2176_2_th.jpg 2176_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2174)
Vintage African Horns presented on a wooden shield... (more)

2174_1_th.jpg 2174_2_th.jpg 2174_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2165)
Beautifully presented Warthog Skull. Very large skull.... (more)

2165_1_th.jpg 2165_2_th.jpg 2165_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2107)
Antique Large Boar Skull superbly mounted on impressive... (more)

2107_1_th.jpg 2107_2_th.jpg 2107_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2090)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed wall... (more)

2090_1_th.jpg 2090_2_th.jpg 2090_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2073)
Old classroom study skeleton of a Large Cockerel. It is in... (more)

2073_1_th.jpg 2073_2_th.jpg 2073_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 2064)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed Wall... (more)

2064_1_th.jpg 2064_2_th.jpg 2064_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2024)
Great display item. Large Horse Skull complete with vintage... (more)

2024_1_th.jpg 2024_2_th.jpg 2024_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1988)
Old classroom study skeleton of a Pigeon. It is in... (more)

1988_1_th.jpg 1988_2_th.jpg 1988_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 1974)
A very rare & beautifully presented Diseased Dog Skull. The... (more)

1974_1_th.jpg 1974_2_th.jpg 1974_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1972)
This is horribly charming. Whatever it was made for I do... (more)

1972_1_th.jpg 1972_2_th.jpg 1972_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 1944)
A Fantastic looking old study chart by W & A.K Johnston’s... (more)

1944_1_th.jpg 1944_2_th.jpg 1944_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1924)
Very old mounted Horns bearing a bone plaque reading Cape... (more)

1924_1_th.jpg 1924_2_th.jpg 1924_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1910)
Very quirky study showing a mounted real Cow Leg & Hooves.... (more)

1910_1_th.jpg 1910_2_th.jpg 1910_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1857)
This is a superbly presented Life-size Medical Human... (more)

1857_1_th.jpg 1857_2_th.jpg 1857_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 1750)
This is a very early example of a medical study chart... (more)

1750_1_th.jpg 1750_2_th.jpg 1750_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1721)
This is a very rare study item showing a comparative... (more)

1721_1_th.jpg 1721_2_th.jpg 1721_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1715)
Make your skull stand out with one of our beautiful bespoke... (more)

1715_1_th.jpg 1715_2_th.jpg 1715_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1662)
Great looking & very large Animal Skull. Probably a cow or... (more)

1662_1_th.jpg 1662_2_th.jpg 1662_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1605)
Beautifully mounted matching pair of blackforest Roe Horns.... (more)

1605_1_th.jpg 1605_2_th.jpg 1605_3_th.jpg
(Bones | ID: 1571)
A beautiful set of Antique Eland Horns & partial skull.... (more)

1571_1_th.jpg 1571_2_th.jpg 1571_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1521)
Very rare Human Hip Model made from hand painted vulcanized... (more)

1521_1_th.jpg 1521_2_th.jpg 1521_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1225)
Great looking old rare study chart and one from our own... (more)

1225_1_th.jpg 1225_2_th.jpg 1225_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1110)
Rare Old Czech Anatomy Chart showing the comparisons of... (more)

1110_1_th.jpg 1110_2_th.jpg 1110_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1102)
Vintage St Johns Ambulance canvas backed Chart showing... (more)

1102_1_th.jpg 1102_2_th.jpg 1102_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 962)
Vintage T Gerrard & Co oversize Anatomy model of Human... (more)

962_1_th.jpg 962_2_th.jpg 962_3_th.jpg