Beginners Taxidermy Kit

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If you’ve always wanted to have a go at Taxidermy yourself then this is the perfect item for you. Most of the items are new & un-used, the books are read but still in good condition. The kit includes the following items:
Large Glass Work Surface
Denim Apron
Galvanized Wire
Saftee Acid (or Pickling Acid)
Stop Slip
Hide Paste (1kg)
Borax (1kg)
Critter Clay (1lb)
Wood Wool (2.5kg)
Waxed Nylon Thread
5 Piece Modelling Tool Set
Euro Pins (20mm x 50)
Circle Needles x 3
Straight Needles x 6
Glass Black Ball Eyes on Wire (Pair 4mm x 16 pairs for small bird or mammal)
Glass Black Ball Eyes on Wire (Pair 6mm x 16 pairs for small bird or mammal)
Slim Forceps
Straight Micro Scissors
Book - The Taxidermy Guide
Book – Complete Home Taxidermy
Book – Home Taxidermy for Pleasure & Profit
Taxidermy PDF DVD
10ml Syringes with mounted needles x 2
Wide End Forceps
Medical Probe
Small Pocket Multitool
Book – Taxidermy Step by Step
Also included is a JHT Supplies Catalogue in case you need to order a few more bits and last but not least an absolutely essential item published by award winning Taxidermist Mike Gadd – Small Mammal Beginners Taxidermy. A complete step by step colour picture guide on how to mount a squirrel (If you search google for Mike Gadd Taxidermy Book you can see the contents…it is a must have publication). There are also details on how you acquire your squirrel. A superb collection and available for sale in the UK only.

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