Thomas Edison GEM Phonograph

Item ID: 2766 | Category: Antique And Vintage

Rare antique “Gem” table model cylinder phonograph with beautiful brass horn by Thomas A. Edison. Comes complete with oak carrying case and 2 wax cylinder molded records. Patent November 1903 with serial number G201931. In full working order. You can see it working on our Instagram page but please excuse the sound quality, the cylinders are a little worn and the songs are not the greatest, As Good as Money in the Bank & Since Father Joined the Territorials!. You do however, see the cylinders quite regularly at fairs so you can collect your favourite tunes at your leisure. You certainly don’t buy these for super sound quality anyway, more for the nostalgia which it has in spades. We have one next to our modern turntable and it looks great. The base of the GEM measures 25 x 19cms and with the brass horn attached it stands 49cms tall. Price includes UK Shipping only.

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