Antique Steampunk Medical Inhaler

Item ID: 2689 | Category: Medical

The receipts and paperwork with this item state it was purchased back in the 1920s. It is an amazing early example of the modern day Nebulizer. Bought by a Dr Fardon, it was a revolutionary new medical device designed to treat respiratory complaints such as Asthma & Bronchitis when attached to a tank of oxygen. Known as The Collison Inhaler ‘The Apneu (Spiess Drager) Inhaling Apparatus’ by the Inhaling Drug & Apparatus Co. Ltd. All the original documentation are included, amongst it are Therapy Handbook, Price List, Leaflet on Respiratory Complaints, Hire Info, Blank Prescription Books and even a letter from Mr. Collison himself asking the Doc if he could buy back this old German model. It is a very quirky item which would look fantastic if fixed up to an old oxygen tank. Perfect steampunk or prop item. Rubber Annie face shown for scale.

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