Antique Cork Borer & Sharpener

Item ID: 2686 | Category: Antique And Vintage

This is a charming Antique Cork Borer and Sharpener. These were often used by Chemists and in Biology Labs. Cork borers are also used to take samples from living trees, for tree ring analysis and for taking samples for experiments when a constant diameter is required. The Borer was used to cut a hole in the cork for glass tubing and the sharpener used to hone the cutting edge to more easily slice the cork. Included are quality sharpener, borers in a set of 3 nested sizes plus a solid pin for pushing out the removed cork. Original case measures 21 x 10 x 4cms.

15206986501DSCN8925.JPG 15206986502DSCN8932.JPG 15206986503DSCN8928.JPG


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