US War Wounds Moulage Set

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Not something you get to see every day. This is a vintage Moulage set of 19 different strap on wound simulations used to teach military medics how to deal with the most common wounds faced in war. The set which is presented in its original wooden case appears to be complete, some of the rubber pump assemblies have been used on the more blood thirsty wounds and some of the rubber Moulages have more wear than others but all in all a very fine vintage example. Wooden case measures 63 x 38 x 19cms and all the wounds are life size. The set by Simulaids Inc. Woodstock N.Y. includes:
Atomic Burn to the Back
Abdominal Protruding Intestines
Leg Amputation
Face in Shock
Trench Foot
Sucking Chest Wound
Humerus Compound Fracture
Hypodermic Needle Insertion
Atomic Burns to the Chest
Laceration to the Forehead
Jaw Wound
Atomic Burns to the Hand
Frostbite Foot
Phosphorus Burn
2nd/3rd Degree Burns Forearm
Lower Leg Compound Fracture
Fractured Femur
Gunshot Wound to Palm
Face with Atomic Burns

There are also 8 sets of rubber pump assemblies & some simulated blood, 1 packet = 1 gallon. There are instructions on how to prep the simulated blood, assembly and operation, handling & cleaning. This is a must have item for any serious Medical collector or USMD display. This item is extremely heavy so price includes shipping to UK only. International tracked shipping will an additional £50. (This will be invoiced separately thru PayPal following purchase). More photos available on our Facebook page (Hope you liked my GOT inspired faces pic).

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