Vintage Singing Bird Automaton

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This is a beautiful fully working pair of singing & moving birds in a cage. Beautiful birdsong and a delight to own. It is a little dusty as it has been on display in my father’s house for quite some time. A delightful collectable that will only increase in value. It stands 28cms tall and the base is 14.5cms in diameter. Video on our Instagram page see #skinnerandhydernrnHistory of Singing Bird Automaton: Around 1780 in Switzerland, Jacquet- Droz manufacturers of complex clocks invented the mechanical singing bird movement. This movement imitated the motions of birds and reproduced it's "birdsong" very authentically. About 60 years later the bird movement was perfected by the Blaise Bontems workshop in Paris, France. Blaise Bontems (1814 - 1893) was a noted Parisian specialist in the manufacture of automaton singing birds and the first of a dynasty of automaton manufacturers, which included his son Charles Jules and his grandson Lucien. Bontems' birds were famous for the realism of their song. In 1960 Reuge took over Bontems as well as Eschle's production in Germany. The acquisition insured that the 200 year old tradition would be safeguarded. To this day Reuge continues the manufacture of singing birds, in the traditional manner. Birds are painstakingly feathered by hand and meticulously assembled, piece by piece.rn

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