Old Army Cricketers Silver Capstan Inkwell

Item ID: 2544 | Category: Antique And Vintage

Lovely old hallmarked solid silver Capstan Inkwell. It has numerous dings and bangs all over but this piece is steeped in history. A cricketer’s trophy presented to Lieutenant-Colonel Godfrey Christopher Firbank MC (Military Cross) who played first class cricket for the army. The glass inkwell is cracked but still intact and it is engraved ‘To C Firbank Esq. M.C. from his Old Coach ‘Woofir’ 1921’. Base measures 13.5cms in diameter and stands 7cms tall.

15107558081DSCN7757.JPG 15107558082DSCN7756.JPG 15107558083DSCN7754.JPG


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