Macabre Amputation Tools

Item ID: 2509 | Category: Medical

Here we have a delightful set of Vintage Amputation must haves. There is a Large 33cms Thackray Amputating Saw with removable 24cm blade, a smaller 28cm Down Bros Saw with removable 18cm blade and a Large 32cm Macarthys Surgical Amputation Knife with a 22cm blade. Also included is a reel of 30SWG stainless steel suture wire. They come complete with wooden case measuring 43 x 16 x 7.5cms.(body parts shown in the picture are for scale only & were unharmed during filming).

15099028211DSCN7443.JPG 15099028212DSCN7435.JPG 15099028213DSCN7438.JPG