Vintage Ovary Model

Item ID: 2433 | Category: Anatomical

Very rare MILEX Demo Model showing the Travel of Egg from Ovary through Implantation. It is wall mountable and measures a very large 61 x 28cms. Wooden back with plaster model showing the Cervix, Ovary and Fallopian Tube. There is an original label on the reverse that states ‘Original sculpture by Rebeohint? Based on Dr. Robert L. Dickinson’s drawing appearing in the Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy (Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore) plaque copyright, 1957 by Milex Products, Chicago, price $38.50. This is from my own collection, a superb vintage and rare model.

15066103571DSCN6890.JPG 15066103572DSCN6885.JPG 15066103573DSCN6891.JPG