A Pair of Doyen's Intestinal Clamps

Item ID: 2052 | Category: Medical

A rare & unique pair of wax coated Doyen’s 8 inch long Intestinal Straight Clamps. These hand made instruments were issued with a protective Wax/Shellac coating which was common place on new instruments from top makers in the 1940's through to the 1960's. The instrument was made, polished and cleaned and then dipped in the soft molten wax to protect them. They left the factory like this and were kept until needed by the hospitals who then removed the coating (peels off easily in hot water) & then cleaned and sterilised before use. Similar procedures were carried out by the forces preparing military medical kits.
Makers name Allen & Hanburys is visible below the coating and they carry their original labels dated January 1952 (64 years old & never opened to the air). A must have for any medical display, re-enactments or historical displays or museums.

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